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Hello! I am an educator from northern Minnesota in the US of A. who just completed a 17 day loop trek to Everest base camp with Kul Prasad Subedi who goes by the nickname of KP.
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Mt. Kailash Tour with Lhasa

We spend first few days are spent in Lhasa that help us to absorb with the atmosphere. In Lhasa we will visit many sights of historical interest. Then we commence our overland trip to Sangsang via Gyantse, Shigatse and Sakya. From Sangsang we have a choice of taking either the Northern or the Southern highway to Mt. Kailash returning on the other route. This pilgrimage tour takes 20 day.


Day 01:
Transfer to airport and fly to Lhasa (3650 m.). Arrive Gongar airport and transfer to hotel.

Day 02:
Lhasa: Sightseeing. Overnight hotel.

Day 03:
Lhasa: Sightseeing. Overnight hotel.

Day 04:
Drive Lhasa / Gyantse (3950 m.). Overnight hotel.

Day 05:
Drive Gyantse / Shigatse (3900 m.). Overnight hotel.

Day 06:
Drive Shigatse / Sakya / Lhatse (3900 m.). Overnight hotel.

Day 07:
Drive Lhatse / Saga (4600 m.) camp.

Day 08:
Drive Saga / Paryang (4550 m.) camp.

Day 09:
Drive Paryang / Chiu Gomba (4550 m.) camp.

Day 10:
Drive Chiu Gomba / Gosul Gomba camp.

Day 12:
Drive Gosul Gomba / Darchen (4520 m.)

Day 13:
Drive Darchen / Traboche and start trek to Dera Phuk (4860 m.) camp -
three days trek around Mt. Kailash.

Day 14:
Trek Dera Phuk / Zutul Phuk (4760 m.) camp

Day 15:
End trek near Darchen and drive to Horaa (4500 m.) camp

Day 16:
Drive Horaa / Paryang camp.

Day 18:
Drive Paryang / Saga camp.

Day 19:
Drive Saga / Nyalam camp.

Day 20:
Drive Nyalam / Zhangmu / Kathmandu

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