Jokhang Temple

 Jokhang Temple, renowned as the “spiritual heart of the city,” is the most revered temple in Tibet and is located in the middle of the busy city of Lhasa. Visitors can stroll along the pilgrim’s route, which takes about 20 minutes to complete and encircles the bustling Barkhor Square market. Four stone sinkings (incense burners) on either side of the temple indicate its location, which is 1,001 meters east of the Potala Palace. It was established under King Songsten Gampo’s reign.

The temple was supposedly constructed for the king’s two wives, Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal and Princess Wencheng of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. As part of their dowries, both spouses are reported to have carried significant Buddhist sculptures and images to Tibet from China and Nepal, where they were kept. This temple was built by a large number of Nepalese artisans.

The Jokhang temple has four stories and gilded bronze tiles covering its roofs. The architectural design was expanded from the Indian vihara, culminating in a fusion of Tang Dynasty and Nepalese traditions. The renowned rooftop statues include two golden deer standing beside a Dharma wheel. The Newari door frames, columns, and finials date from the seventh and eighth centuries, although portions of the temple have been restored. Carbon dating has proven that the timber beams and rafters are authentic.

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