10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm

Tour Route: Kathmandu - Syabrubesi - Saga - Mansarovar - Diraphuk - Zutulphuk - Mansarovar - Saga - Kyirong - Kathmandu
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Duration 10 Days
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Accomodation Basic Guest House BB
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Start Lhasa
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
End Kathmandu
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Transportation Flight & Private Vehicle
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Max Altitude 5,650 m
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Best Season June to September
10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm
Group Size 1 - 15
Grade Moderate

Trip Overview

Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar is among the most captivating experiences in the Tibetan environment. It leads into the most breathtaking Himalayan wilderness. Mt. Kailash, home of Lord Shiva, is endowed with natural and cultural tranquility. Mount Kailash is also well known for its stunning scenery of towering peaks, religious villages, and unexplored landscapes. The most fascinating sight during this tour is the holy Lake Manasarovar, situated at the top of the globe, encircled by towering hills and the majestic Himalayas.

Religious and non-religious travelers believe walking around Mount Kailash is a sacred practice that will bring good fortune. Buddhists and Hindus make the trek clockwise. Adherents of the Jain and Bon faiths walk around the summit counterclockwise. The 52-kilometer trip around Mount Kailash begins and concludes in Darchen and passes via Zuthulpuk and Dirapuk.

When you finish your journey, you will experience a time of self-discovery and a great sense of inner delight. We cannot promise that a visit to Kailash will transform your life. However, you’ll be able to find inner calm in the most trying circumstances.

With its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture and traditions, this is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime tour. We at Tashi Delek have meticulously organized the itinerary, ensuring you can savor every moment of this exclusive journey to famous and historical places, making you feel privileged and unique.

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Trip Highlights

  • Experience the life-changing journey to Kailash Mansarovr.
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kathmandu and Holy Pashupatinath Darshan.
  • Drive through scenic regions of Tibet and Syabrubesi from Kathmandu.
  • Visit Parvati Gauri Kund, Rakash Taal (Demon Lake), and Sacred Manasarovar Lake.
  • Take a bath in the holy Lake Mansarovar, perform a ritual, and do the parikrama.
  • Experience the Kora of Mt. Kailash, a visit to Mount Kailash. It is believed that by performing kora, one can be free of all sins.
  • Learn about the fascinating cultures of the mysterious Kailash area and the thriving Kathmandu Valley.

Detailed Itinerary

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Day 01

Drive to Syabrubesi O/N Guest House (BB)

After breakfast, we will drive to Syabrubesi, the base point for Langtang Trekking and a nearby point from the Kyirong border, where we will stay for the night. On the route, you will see the fantastic scenery of small settlements surrounded by hills, mountains, and the Trishuli River.

Overnight at Syabrubesi.

Day 02

Drive to Saga via Kyirong O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

After breakfast, we will drive about 375km to Saga. Saga means “The Lovely Place” or “Happy Land,” where we find a kind greeting, delicious local cuisine, and a small market worth exploring.

We will pass by herds of yaks and sheep and nomad camps on the way. Enjoy the panoramic views of the high Himalayan peaks, including Mount Shishapangma (elevation 8021 meters). We will pass through Pelkhu Tso Lake(4600m) and then cross the Brahmaputra River, known as the “Yarling Tsangpo” in Tibetan.

Overnight at Saga.

Day 03

Drive to Manasarovar O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

In the early morning, you will eat a decent breakfast at your hotel; later, our guide will pick you up and take you to the highest freshwater holy lake in the world, Lake Mansarovar. We will pass through the small town of Zhongba during our drive, reaching Prayang. We can get the first view of Mount Kailash from here, and a few hours of driving will take us to the holy lake Mansarovar.

Once we reach Lake Mansarovar, we must change our vehicle to drive further into the Kailash region. We will do the parikrama of Mansarovar Lake and, if lucky enough, enjoy the stunning view of Mt. Kaiash. During the parikrama, we will also get to view the Rakshaas taal, named Demon Lake, in a crescent moon shape.

Overnight at Mansarovar.

Day 04

Walk neary by Lake Manasaroar then drive to Darchen O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

In the early morning, you will take a holy bath on the shore of Lake Mansarovar. You cannot bathe directly in the lake, as it is the most sacred lake for different religions, including Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist. We will arrange a bucket to fill the lake water, and you can bathe on the shore. You can also do some pujas, Dhawan.

Later, we will have breakfast, and if you want to walk around, you can hike to Chiu Gompa, an ancient Buddhist monastery. Once you return from the hike, we will have lunch. After lunch, we drive towards Darchen.

Overnight at Darchen.

Day 05

(Kora Day 01): Drive to Tarboche then Trek to Dira Phuk O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

Today is the first day of the Mt. Kailash circumambulation, and we will head to Tarboche early. Before starting our trek, we will stop at Yam Dwar, where we will find our porters and prepare for the Kora.

From here, we will trek to Dirapuk Monastery, which will take around 6 hours. We get to see the north side of Mt. Kailash. Dirapuk is a famous place for hosting festival events. If we are fortunate enough to arrive during a Saga Dawa festival, we will witness a grand event and have the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of the local communities that reside in the Dirapuk areas.

Overnight at Dirapuk.

Day 06

(Kora Day 02): Trek To Zutul Phuk O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

Today is the second day of Kora. You will wake up early today at dawn to see the Golden Kailash. You will witness the breathtaking view of Kailash as the first rays of sunrise dance across the peak of Kailash, turning it into a golden hue.

Then, we will have breakfast and get ready to trek for 6-7 hours to reach Zuthulphuk. This trek can be challenging, so you have to be prepared. We will ascend to the highest point of the Kailash trek, the Drolma La pass(5680m). On the way to Drolma La Pass, we will witness the footsteps of Milarepa and Shiva Tsal (5330m).

We will spend some time at the Drolma La Pass, with prayer flags adorning it. From this point on, we will descend on our trek.

Then, we arrive at Parvati Taal or Gauri Kund along the route. We will stay here for a while because this lake is so serene. After that, we’ll carry on to Zuthulphuk.

Overnight at Zuthulphuk.

Day 07

(Kora Day 03): Trek End then drive to Manasarovar O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

On this final trek day, we descended for about three hours towards Darchen. We woke up around 7:00 AM, ate breakfast, and walked to Darchen. When we reached Darchen, our vehicle was waiting for us. Then, we drove back to Lake Masarovar.

Overnight at Mansarovar.

Day 08

Drive to Saga O/N Basic Guest House (BB)

Today, you will wake up at regular hours, have a decent breakfast, and we will drive to Saga.

Note: You can also wake up early, visit Lake Mansarovar, and bathe one last time on the bank of Holy Lake before we eat breakfast.

Overnight at Saga.

Day 09

Drive to Kyirong O/N Guest House (BB)

After breakfast, we will move towards the Kyirong Border. We will enjoy scenic views of mountains, forests, and streams on the way.

Once you reach the Kyirong border, the guide will complete certain formalities, and then you will be driven to Syabrubesi, where you will rest for the day. In the evening, you can stroll around the streets of Syabrubesi.

Overnight at Syabrubesi.

Day 10

Drive to Kathmandu

You will have a decent breakfast, and then we will drive back to Kathmandu. Within a few hours, we will reach Kathmandu and drop you off at your hotel.

You can rest the remaining day or stroll around markets like Ason and New Road to shop for something beautiful to return to your home.

Date and Price

trip start date trip end date price availability remarks

Please Note

We have updated our dates and price list, which you can find above. But if you cannot find a perfect date for the trip or want to customize it, then you can Contact Us here.

Also, we are offering a discount for those travelers who come in a group of 3 or more. You may also get a discount if you book the trip earlier. Contact Us for more.

Cost Includes

  • Airport transfers to hotel.
  • Accommodation on a twin-sharing basis.
  • Private and public vehicles used for the trip
  • Tibet Group Visa (for a group of a minimum 5 people)
  • Any required permits and entry fees during the trip
  • Professional guide, profound in English, and approved by the Tibetan Travel Bureau.
  • All meals that are mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any applicable government taxes.

Cost Excludes

  • Any International flights and Visa Fee (not included in the trip)
  • Travel and medical insurance or any evacuation during the trip.
  • Any gratitude or tips in any form to guide, porters, or any other.
  • Personal expenses like phone calls, groceries, liquors, etc.
  • Extra day staying or traveling expenses other than those mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any expenses incurred due to unforeseen events such as illness or a delayed or canceled flight.

We value your well-being and comfort trip

Surely, you may have researched a lot regarding the trip to Mt. Kailash and have gathered much more information. But, with all the information and your confidence in completing the trip will not be enough. We, our team, and guide with years of experience will do anything to make sure that you are safe and you experience a comfortable travel. Also, we have some other value-added services that will assure you had the perfect trip of lifetime.

Trip FAQs

What type of fitness or shape do I need to be in the Mt. Kailash Trek with Mansarovar?

Anybody with an average fitness level may actually be able to physically complete the Mount Kailash Manasarovar Lake trip; prior experience is unnecessary. However, we usually suggest you begin training two to three months before your departure date. Walking, hiking, jogging, or—better yet—running on an incline treadmill are some exercises you may do to get in shape.

Is there any toughest part that I should know before going for the Kailash trip?

We would say that this trip is considered a moderate level of difficulty but there comes the challenge as you need to complete about 52 km just in 3 days.

What time of year is best for the Kailash Mansarovar Tour?

The ideal time to travel for you should always depend on your availability. Because of Tibet’s milder monsoon than Nepal’s, spring through autumn (March to November) is the best time to visit.


Hotels and guest houses are available for lodging on this trek. We will book you a 3-star hotel for this tour, but if you want a more luxurious one, you must mention it earlier, which may cost you extra.

Hospital and medical facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are entirely available. This tour is leisurely, and you do not have to walk for hours to get somewhere. Our guides are professionals and ready for any emergencies.

Communication facilities

After you reach Tibet, you’ll need a Chinese SIM card. Once specific procedures are completed, Chinese SIM cards can be purchased and recharged while traveling. Lhasa has internet facilities, but you can also use a Chinese SIM card to connect to the internet.

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10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm - $1710

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10 Days Mount Kailash Trek with Lake Manasarovar: A Spiritual Journey in Sacred Himalayan Realm -

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