Most Important things needed to visit Tibet

To have a smooth visit to Tibet, you may need to understand and fulfill the requirements of the Tibet Travel Authority.

You need to the required Tibet Travel Permit early. So, you should contact the tour operator to do that.  You can not apply for Tibet Travel Permit all by yourself, you need to go through the travel agencies like us. This is compulsory for all foreigners who want to travel to Tibet.

You can follow the below steps to get a Tibet Travel permit:

  1. You need to book any Tibet tour and provide confirmation about the travel dates.
  2. Then we will also need to have copies of your Chinese visa and passport. Also, some other documents will be required, for which we will contact you further.
  3. We will then apply for the Tibet Travel Permit.
  4. Once this gets issued, we will provide this to you once you reach the mainland of China.
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