Tibet Travel Permit

The Tibet Travel Permit, or the Tibet Entry Permit, is the official document that permits foreign tourists to travel to and remain in Tibet. This is not any visa to Tibet; it is just an approval of your stay in Tibet during your travel period. The Tibet Tourism Bureau regulates this permit.

According to your travel route, three types of Tibet Travel Permit may or may not be required.

  1. Tibet Entry Permit (or Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit)

This is the permit that you should have before entering Tibet. Unless you are traveling to restricted areas or any closed areas like Mount Everest, etc., then this permit is enough for you to stay at Lhasa.

These are the valid documents required to obtain this permit:

-Original Passport Copy

-Original China Visa Copy

-Occupation Details

Journalists, government officials, and diplomats will apply for permits from the Tibet Government’s Foreign Affairs Office. Those who hold a resident license, are students or have a work permit will need a certificate or ID copy.

  1. Alien’s Travel Permit (PSB Permit)

This permit is only required if you are traveling to closed areas like Mount Everest, Tsedang, etc. To retrieve this permit, it won’t take much time. After you are in Tibet, your guide will collect the original passport, China visa, and the Tibet Entry permit, then will be submitted to the Foreign Affairs Section of the Public Security Bureau.

  1. Tibet Military Permit

This permit is required for only travel that happens in military-sensitive areas. Unless you are going there, you won’t need this permit. Also, retrieving this permit would take up to a couple of weeks.

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