Yamdrok Tso Lake

Yamdrok Lake is one of Tibet’s most beautiful and sacred lakes. Yamdrok-Tso Lake stands at 4400 m and is one of the four holy lakes in Tibet (the other three being Namtso Lake, Lake Manasarovar, and Lhamo Latso). Its length exceeds 72 kilometers, and its lowest point is 60 meters deep. Yamdrok is well-known for its striking turquoise color. The tint of the lake is caused by the abundance of minerals in its water. Under clear weather, the hue can be light turquoise, but it can be profound, rich blue under foggy conditions.

Several snow-capped mountains encircle this beautiful lake. To the west of the lake, we can also view Mount Nyenchen Khangsar (7191m), a sacred mountain among the four and the highest mountain in the post-Tibetan region. At its southern base is the well-known Karola Glacier.

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