Tibet Travel Restrictions: Know before you travel

There are a few things you need to know about the Tibet Travel restrictions. If you knew these before you booked the trip to Tibet, then you can have a smooth trip.

You must have a Tibet Travel permit, which you should get through the channel of a travel agency.

Everything must done via a travel agency, which means you can not travel independently.

You can not use public transport outside the Lhasa, which means you should travel in a private vehicle organized by the travel agency.

Plan a Tibet to Everest Base Camp Trip with the less chance of having altitude sickness

The main thing to know about altitude sickness is that it happens to almost everyone, some get serious, and some feel normal. But, if u are frightened about altitude sickness then there are some reducing ideas.

If you want to travel to Tibet then you should go to Tibet through mainland China, not Nepal. As you travel from Nepal, you first land in Kathmandu (1350m) then yo go through the Gyirong port and in about 48 hours, you will ascend much higher quickly which may lead to altitude sickness. So, traveling Tibet through China will have less effect.

Things you need to pack for Lhasa Trip

There are things that you need to pack before you do the Lhasa Tibet Trip.

  1. Travel Documents: You should have the proper travel documents and keep them in such a part of your bag that they can be reached easily when you need to show them to the concerned authorities during travel.
  2. Clothes and Gears: During the travel, you should have some gear and good knowledge of the Tibet weather before you travel. You need to consult with your travel agency and be sure to pack things that are needed for the travel as per your tour operator.